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Your memories aren't meant to spend their years on a hard drive. Technology changes, but the physical print remains. Let your most valued memories live on for future generations with a beautifully designed, hand-made album.

The Legacy Album


The Artist Album

I offer two albums- the Legacy Album and the Artist Album. More details on these below.

Once you've decided which style of album you're drawn to, we explore the design, with customization to the exterior and interior of your book. From there, your heirloom goes into creation, and soon, into your home.

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The Legacy Album

Linen / Velvet / Leather | $700

This beautiful, handcrafted album is as much a treat for the hands as it is for the eyes. The 10 x 10” album comes standard with 10 spreads (additional spreads available) and is printed on soft, matte paper. The lay-flat binding ensures no creases to your photographs. It's a one of a kind keepsake to hold your most precious memories.

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The Artist Album

Leather | $1100

The soft, leather-wrap cover envelops pages of beautifully hand-torn, cotton rag fine art prints - with the front page embossed in gold. A rustic leather strap closure winds around to finish the look. The album cover is unattached to the block of pages. This 10 x 10” album comes standard with 10 spreads, with the option to add. From it's unique artisanal design to the premium quality of the prints, this beautiful album is unlike any other and makes for a stunning heirloom for generations to come.

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Album Delivery

Album Design

Album Creation

Album Style

Once your albums is done being created, it is sent to your home, where the memories of your day can be enjoyed for generations to come.

During the design stage, we explore the cover of your album as well as the selection of photos you'd like inside your album.

Your personal and custom album design is reviewed and carefully created.

We start with deciding which album you connect with. The Legacy Album or the Artist Album. This decision will set the foundation for its design.

Let's create something together

You just got married... The day was beautiful and memories were made. For years to come, you and your loved ones will recall moments from your day that will bring big laughs, deep joy, and maybe even tears.

From the invitations to the choice of place setting, every detail was just so. It was gorgeous and uniquely you. The moments shared and the loved ones you celebrated with all come together to form some of the most precious memories you’ll likely ever have!

One of the best ways to give life to these memories is by having an album created, tailored to house the invaluable memories of the most amazing day of your life.