Jeff Dose


I’ve been blessed in more ways than I can count. A few years ago I married the woman of my dreams and I couldn’t be more happy. I love being married.

    I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I live for the outdoors, I like visiting new places, I'm crazy about my coffee, and I love feeling inspired. Nothing beats capturing real emotion, from two people that are a little crazy for each other. I absolutely love seeing people’s true personality come alive in a photo! To be honest, I feel like the photo industry has enough photographers that are determined to create the perfect pose and calculate the perfect smile. That’s fine, but it’s just not what draws me in. If you ask me, people are too awesome the way they are. Each person and every relationship is overflowing with worth and value and my aim is to draw that out and capture it in frames. You’re going to look awesome at your wedding and you should feel that way too.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss a shoot, don’t ever hesitate to contact me. I’d love to connect.

I suppose in the sense that there will be a camera and possibly a dress and suit, yes it will be like prom photos. Aside from that, nearly everything will be different.
There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a wedding, but I like to keep my corner as simple as possible. We connect, create, and deliver.

What is this process like? Will this be as unsettling as my prom photos?



Every relationship starts somewhere. Let's setup a time to connect and hear what you're dreaming up. Together we'll create a timeline that supports your day, so when the day comes you can focus less on logistics (boo) and more on celebrating (yay!).



You made it! Put your party pants on, we've arrived. Let's get inspired and have some fun. This is where magic happens.



After your wedding I go right to work on your photos, taking safe care of the images created. In a few weeks, your gallery will be yours to relive that amazing day over and over.

What People who know Jeff have to say about him

"An absolute delight to the senses."

Brian B, Friend

"He can't catch fish, but he looks great in the canoe."

Murphy B, Friend

"Really sweats when he gets hot."

Adam K, Friend

"He has a highly developed feminine side."

Jeff's Mother

What actual couples have to say

I truly cannot say enough on how wonderful Jeff was to work with. His talents show not only in his pictures, but also his shining personality. He brings this energy that makes you feel confident, and at ease. He’s punctual, communicative, flexible, and takes his time to get to know you, your wedding party and the venue to make sure he can capture what you are looking for. We really couldn’t be happier sharing our day with him! I HIGHLY recommend Jeff Dose.

Jeff was all-around amazing to work with! He shot our 10-year wedding anniversary party, but treated us like the day was just as special as our wedding day. We were comfortable with him from the first meeting and it shows in our photos. I've had them back for about a month and not a day has passed that I don't at least look at a few of them (if not scroll through all of them). I know I will cherish these photos forever - THANK YOU, JEFF!

I am forever grateful for hiring Jeff to shoot our wedding. He went above and beyond to help facilitate the day, get the best shots, and make everyone feel at home doing it. His energy is amazing and we had a blast the entire day! My whole family was raving to me about him, I think they had just as much fun with him as we did. WE CHOOSE YOU JEFF! Thank you for capturing our most important day.

— Anastasia R.

— Jessica K.

— Olivia K.

Minneapolis — Minnesota

Minneapolis — Minnesota

Pepin — Wisconsin