Why You Might Want to Consider a Private Vow Exchange

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not mandatory to say your vows up in front of all your wedding guests! Some couples -and I’ve seen it a lot recently- opt to exchange their vows in private, where you read them aloud to one another, usually before the ceremony (just as you would at the altar) or write letters to one another that you can read individually.

Afterward, you can still totally proceed with the ceremony by exchanging more traditional vows, but exchanging them in private instead of saying them out loud into a microphone is an option that can definitely provide several advantages.

What Are the Reasons for Considering a Private Vow Exchange?

Not everyone is comfortable giving a heartfelt speech to their guests.

If you’re the type who gets light-headed at the thought of spilling your heart in front of hundreds of people, then saying your vows in private could be an awesome option for you! There’s no question that the two of you are excited to exchange vows with each another, but if you don’t want to air those sentiments in front of everyone else, you don’t have to.

You are not limited in what you want to say.

Some people feel like they need to censor themselves a bit when they realize that they’ll be reciting their vows in front of all of their relatives and friends. If, on the other hand, you know that your spouse is the only person who will read or listen to your vows, you might feel comfortable getting a bit more personal.

You won’t be distracted by time.

If you are exchanging vows privately, you will probably feel like you have more time to enjoy the moment rather than feeling like you need to keep the ceremony moving. Vows are so important and personal; You really shouldn’t feel rushed!

Opportunity to get great photos.

This is such an awesome time during a wedding and can be one of the best opportunities to get amazing photos! I absolutely love capturing a private exchanging of vows!

If you haven’t given it any thought, you might just want to consider doing a more private vow-exchange. It gives you flexibility with time, you won’t feel as limited with what to say, and you’re guaranteed to get some awesome photos!